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Omar Luqmaan-Harris (bookmarketing33) Who is Omar Luqmaan-Harris?

I’m part owner of an independent publishing venture, The Pantheon Collective (TPC), and have published 4 titles to date: Sellout by James W. Lewis, When Love Isn’t Enough by Stephanie Casher, A Hard Man is Good to Find by James W. Lewis, and One Blood by Qwantu Amaru (my fiction-writing pseudonym). In my previous life, I worked as a marketing director for a large pharmaceutical company. While climbing the corporate ladder, I was simultaneously working on my first novel and learning everything I could about the publishing industry. After joining forces with Stephanie Casher and James W. Lewis to form TPC, I got to put my newly acquired know-how to the test.

Two years, and nearly 40,000 books sold later, I have honed a process and methodology to book marketing in the digital age that has gotten successively better with each book marketing project of which I’ve been a part. My own novel, One Blood, became an award-winning bestseller in only 6 months with this approach. And now I want to pass it on to you via AuthorDiscovery.com.

I decided to create this site after sifting through countless book marketing and book consulting sites and realizing that many of the gurus of independent publishing have missed some crucial steps. It is my mission to make your books rise to the top of the search rankings, Amazon categories, and social media chatter, so your hard work gets found by the right audience.

With nearly 32 million books in print and hundreds of thousands of indie publishers entering the market each year, you need to stay one step ahead to make sure readers never have a hard time finding your books.

In addition to AuthorDiscovery.com, you can also interact with me on the following sites:

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